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Tech Challenge

The Tech Challenge is a series of events that are designed to test students knowledge of basic skills that every technician should have. The combination of team and individual events underline the principle that theatre technicians do not work alone and an ensemble that works together to accomplish the given tasks makes the production successful. In technical theatre, both time and accuracy are critical to a successful outcome. As artists we demand excellence in the tasks we are given, but as technicians we also have to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently so as not to disrupt the production process.

The Tech Challenge consists of six events, individual and team (or pair) events. The six events will be chosen by the sponsor in charge of Tech Challenge. These Tech Events represent the basic skills that every technician should possess to be well rounded theatre professionals. Your overall team can have up to seven members but “team events” have a specific number. See event descriptions for details. Each team will carry a team score sheet for their results from the judges.   The Tech Challenge officially runs from 1:00 – 4:00 pm on Thursday (the first day of the Kansas Thespian Conference). Tech Challenge is run at the same time as IE’s. There is no fee to compete in Tech Challenge. School’s are limited to one team, and the Tech Challenge is capped at 30 teams.

Below is the International Thespian Festival 2017 NIES Guide.

Tech Challenge Score Sheets