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State Thespian Officers

What is an STO?

STO stands for State Thespian Officer. The STO’s were the student leaders and representatives for Kansas Thespians. It is their job to represent Kansas Thespians, the member troupes, student thespians, and adult leadership. They are also the student leadership that helps in the planning, managing, and hosting of the state conference during their year of service. As the student representative, the STO will also serve as the communication link between the students and the adult state board; therefore, it is their job to serve as an advocate for the students.

Who can be an STO?  

Any freshman, sophomore, or junior who is an inducted thespian and in good standing with his/her troupe and school is eligible to run. The student must have a desire to be a strong leader and be prepared to work for the good of Kansas thespians. They must also attend the Kansas Thespian Festival in order to be elected. Only one student per school may run.

What is the difference in Student State Board and Student Thespian Officers?

STO’s are the leadership of the Student State Board (SSB). SSB members represent their school in planning and working for the state festival. STO’s are members of the SSB with additional responsibilities, and are the student connection to the Adult State Board (ASB).

How many students become an STO?

Kansas Thespians has a five member STO board. The board consists of a Chairperson, three at-large members, and one vice chair-person. The Vice Chair will be a junior who will

serve for two years and becomes the chair person for the next year. Four positions will be appointed during festival; the Vice-Chair Position and the three at large positions. The Vice

Chairman must be a sophomore at the time of appointment, the three at large positions are often juniors at the time of appointment. A sophomore could be placed in an at large

position with the understanding that at large positions are appointed on a yearly basis only.

How do I become an STO?

  • Express your interest to your troupe director. You must have their recommendation.

    o Troupes can have one sophomore and one junior apply for STO. Only one member of a troupe can be appointed to the STO board.

    o The home troupe of the current Vice-Chair cannot have an STO applicant.

    o The placement of the Vice-Chair takes precedence over that of an At-Large Member.

    Be a part of the SSB for the festival in which you are applying.

    o Each troupe is allowed two students to be SSB members.

    o This is a requirement for all Juniors applying for an at-large member position.

    § Sophomores who are applying for Vice-Chair should also try to be members of the SSB but this is not a requirement.

    If you were unable to attend the prior planning meeting and would still like to run for STO please contact the current STO’s at

    Fill out an application and get all necessary signatures.

  • o It is recommended that you submit all paperwork digitally to, and,

    o If you are unable to submit digitally you must have signatures and your application with you to hand in at the first Thursday night meeting. You will also need to have five

    copies of your application with you.

    Attend the SSB meeting on Thursday afternoon/night of festival. Declare your intention to run to the current STO’s and STO advisors. Meet with these people at the end of the


    o Serve as a part of the SSB for the current festival.

    o The SSB will serve as door guards, representatives to workshop presenters, and in other roles needed throughout the weekend.

    o Junior At-Large members will take on more

    Attend the workshop sponsored by the International Thespian Officer (ITO) and current STO’s concerning the role and position of ITO’s and STO’s.

    Prepare a 1 minute speech to give to the ASB concerning why you want to be an STO, and what you would bring to Kansas Thespians, the festival, and the position.

    o Give the speech during the 6th session of the festival at the ASB Meeting, and be prepared to answer questions.

    The ASB will select the STO’s for the next year with input from the current STO’s.

    Consider this process a long interview or audition with a practical aspect, rather than as an election. You are NOT campaigning for the position, but are interviewing for the

    position throughout the festival.

The new STO’s will be announced during the time for awards and honors at the end of the festival.

Who decides who will become a STO?
Those troupe directors present at the end of the festival ASB meeting will select the new STO’s. The current STO’s will also have a say in the selection.

I am now an STO! What do I have to do?

  • Attend the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska in June.  If your school/troupe is not attending, you will need to contact the STO Advisor for help registering for the International Thespian Festival. Part of your registration fee will be covered by Kansas Thespians. If you school is not attending, you will need to arrange transportation with the STO Advisor
  • You are required to take part in the leadership class at the International Thespian Festival, as well as workshops offered throughout the festival.
  • Attend the Kansas Thespian Kickoff meeting on the third Saturday of August. This meeting is typically held at the Chapter Director’s high school. STO’s are required to stay for the entire meeting. Transportation must be provided by the Thespian Troupe Director from the STO’s own high school. The Thespian Troupe director must stay for the entire meeting with the STO.
  • Assist with the planning of the festival.
  • Stay in constant communication with fellow STO’s, the students and troupes under you, the ASB, Chapter Directors, and the STO advisor.  This can be done through email, phone, social media, and text.
  • STO’s must be able to meet deadlines, make sure the groups under them are meeting deadlines, and have good time management and communications skills.
  • STO’s must be proactive and responsible.
  • STO’s will be encouraged to travel to surrounding schools to see shows and support the thespian troupes close to them.
  • STO’s must serve as an example of the ideal thespian.
  • If you serve as an STO as an underclassman and wish to remain a STO the following year, you must re-run.

All STO’s will be required to sign a contract of participation. If any rules outlined by the contract are not followed, the STO may be relieved of his or her position.