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One Act Plays & Chapter Select Adjudication

1. Each troupe may bring a one-act production to the conference.

  •  One Acts may be entered as either a Chapter Select or Freestyle production.
  • Chapter Select productions need to conform to the ITF Chapter Select rules and will be
    adjudicated. The production receiving the highest rank will be selected as the Kansas
    Chapter Select production to be performed at the International Thespian Festival in
  • Freestyle productions need to conform to the ITF Freestyle rules. Freestyle productions
    are NOT adjudicated.

2. The sponsor must complete a one-act application.

  •    The one-act must be directed by the Thespian sponsor or by an inducted student
    member of the school’s thespian troupe.
  • All cast/crew members of a one-act production are expected to be registered delegates
    at the Kansas Thespian Festival.


3. Proof of production permission must be submitted with your request to present a one
act play. The deadline to sign up is October 1st.

  • Schools producing published material must secure written permission from the
    publisher for presentation at the conference during the conference dates. Schools are
    responsible for payment of royalties.
  • Schools producing cuttings from a play must secure written permission from the play
  • Schools producing original material must have a written statement of originality from the
    author/playwright (even if it’s you or one of your students–it’s a legal issue) on file with
    Kansas Thespians.
  • Schools producing works based on non-dramatic material must obtain permission to
    use said material from the publisher. This applies to textbooks as well as children’s
    stories, novels, short stories, newspapers and magazine articles.
  • Schools producing works that have been translated from another language must have
    written permission from the publisher of that translation. This applies to textbooks,
    non-dramatic materials and all of the above.

4. The maximum performance time is 45 minutes for a Chapter Select production and
30 minutes for a Freestyle production (not including setup and strike). No performing
group will be allowed to exceed the maximum time length.

  • Each production will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes for setup.
  • Each production will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes for strike.
  • Productions that don’t use the full-allocated set and strike time may NOT use the extra
    time for additional performance time.

5. The performance space is the Century II Convention Hall.

  • A raised stage and drapery backdrop is provided.
  • A general stage wash is provided with backstage control.
  • A basic sound amplification system is provided with backstage control. Performing
    groups will need to provide their own audio playback devices which can be connected
    to the provided sound system.
  • No smoke, haze or pyro effects will be allowed.
  • Set pieces and flats are not allowed.
  • Hand props are those items to be carried onstage by the actors in one hand. A prop is
    any item that will fit through a single door and be carried by a single person. Set pieces
    are anything bigger.
  • Due to the limited strike time, please limit the size and number of props you bring to
    those items absolutely essential to the plot line of your play.
  • If you are doing a musical, you will need to provide your own musical instruments.
    There are no pianos available.

6. If you have questions, please email Mark Radziejeski.