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Lobby Display


  • Schools participating in the lobby displays must register in Cvent. There is no fee to participate in this event.
  • Lobby displays are not to exceed 6 feet long (length of table top), 3 feet deep, 8 feet tall.
  • Each troupe is responsible for all supplies and materials needed to construct the display.
  • Honor Troupe books may NOT be a part of your lobby display.
  • Electricity is not available for lobby displays. (If you need electricity, contact Century II. There is a cost for this service.)
  • The Hyatt will places the tables according to fire safety regulations. Tables should not be moved.
  • School’s can use the space provide for the table and ask the Hyatt to remove the table.
  • The displays will be evaluated on the following criteria.  Each area should be rated from one to ten, with ten being the highest.
  • Comments may be provided by the adjudicators.

Honor Troupe Criteria:


  • Effective
  • Creative
  • Eye catching


  • Is the theme incorporated into the design?

Visual Appearance

  • Is the lobby display aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is it within the proper dimensions (including the table)? 6’ wide, 3’ deep, and 8’ tall (this includes the table it’s on)

Troupe Promotion & Troupe Activities

  • Are troupe promotions and activities included in the display?

School/Community Involvement

  • Is troupe involvement in the community and school included in the display?