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All-State Show 2019

22 troupes and 48 students are in our All State Musical.

Mr. Shafer will be contacting the cast about how to get their scripts. All lines are due by the first rehearsal. Rooming arrangements will be sent to you by early July.

“If you do what you love with your time, then you win!”


Music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Kitt
Lyrics by Lin Manuel-Miranda and Amanda Green
Book by Jeff Whitty


Producer – David Tate Hastings
Director – Edward Shafer
Production Manager – Greg Shaw
Lighting/Sound Manager – Jeremy Riggs
Vocal Director/Conductor – John Hollan
Choreographed by Marc Wayne and Kelli Jo Henderson
Assistant Choreographer – Anna Hastings

About the show:
Bitingly relevant, sprinkled with sass and inspired by the hit film, Bring It On takes audiences on a high-flying journey that is filled with the complexities of friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness. Uniting some of the freshest and funniest creative minds on Broadway, Bring It On features an original story by Tony Award winner, Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q), music and lyrics by Tony Award-winning composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the HeightsHamilton), music by Pulitzer- and Tony Award-winning composer, Tom Kitt (Next to Normal), lyrics by Broadway lyricist, Amanda Green (High Fidelity), and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Campbell is cheer-royalty at Truman High School and her senior year should prove the most cheertastic – she’s been named captain of the squad! But, an unexpected redistricting has forced her to spend her final year of high school at the neighboring hard-knock Jackson High School. Despite having the deck stacked against her, Campbell befriends the dance crew girls and, along with their headstrong and hardworking leader, Danielle, manages to form a powerhouse squad for the ultimate competition – the National Championships.



  • To get as many students involved from different areas of the state.
  • To build relationships between troupe directors around the state of Kansas.
  • To provide an excellent rehearsal process for high achieving students.
  • To create a product that exemplifies superior work that could be replicated at all schools.
  • To produce a musical on the median production budget of a high school in Kansas.
  • To provide students with a low to no cost opportunity to perform this summer.
    • The cost of travel to KC, stage makeup, personal items, etc are not included.
    • The cost of attending the Kansas Thespian Festival in January is not included.
    • The cost of attending International Thespian Festival in June is not included. Students will only have this cost, if the show is selected.
  • To work together to provide an opportunity that supports EdTA’s mission.
    • EdTA’s Mission: Shaping Lives Through Theatre Education
      • Our goal is provide an additional performance opportunity to further EdTA’s mission. Students will learn and grow through the process of auditioning, rehearsing, performing, and seeing theatre performed by a group of the best students from around the state of Kansas.
  • This project will also foster EdTA’s Core Values
    • People Matter
      • Every individual has the opportunity to make a difference.
      • Take care of yourself and your colleagues.
      • Cultivate each person’s skills, strengths & talents.
      • Be respectful, considerate, and honest with each other.
    • Work Together
      • The best ideas, performance, and results come through collaboration.
      • Focus on the objective and challenge ideas, not people.
      • Be kind, assertive and supportive, even when there is disagreement.
      • Support the final decision.
    • Strive for Excellence
      • Define success.
      • Be open to and embrace positive change.
      • Look outside the walls of your troupe. Learn and document new ways to do things better.
      • Take risks – turn both successes and failures into lessons learned.
    • Be the Person with Whom You Want to Work.
      • Celebrate individuality and honor diversity.
      • Engage fully.
      • Bring joy and optimism to your work.


  1. PERMISSION FORM. All students must have a permission form signed by a parent/guardian to be considered for this production. This form will be emailed to the parent/guardian and the student after you have signed up for the auditions: Audition Application.
  2. AUDITIONS. Students much be in high school during the 2018/2019 school year at a school with an active Thespian troupe. Any student can audition, but Thespians will be favored. Auditions will be run like a callback. Songs from Bring It On will be provided to the students to sing at the audition. A dance combination will be taught at the audition. This will include some advanced dance that may include tumbling, acrobatics, etc. Students should wear tennis shoes that would be appropriate for cheerleading. Callbacks will only be held if necessary. Students need to provide a resume and headshot at the audition. There will be two dates for Auditions. Students can choose to attend either date and audition. Students need to attend only one audition.
    1. Sunday, April 29th at Wichita Heights High School (noon to 3pm)
      and Salina South High School or Salina Central High School (5-8pm)
    2. Thursday, May 24th at Olathe West School (2-6pm)
  3. TECH INTERVIEWS. Each student interested in a role on a technical crew for this show will have an interview with a panel of troupe directors (teachers) on the production staff.
  4. UNDERSTUDIES. Each role will have an understudy. If a student drops or is removed from the show for any reason, the understudy will assume the role.
  5. REHEARSALS. Will be held at Olathe South High School from July 23rd through August 8th. Rehearsal times are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. There are no rehearsals scheduled at nights or on the weekends. Rehearsals will begin promptly at 9am and never run past 5pm. There will also be brush up rehearsals on December 29th at Olathe South and on the day we perform at the Kansas Thespian Festival.
  6. PERFORMANCES. Will be at 7pm on August 9-11 at Olathe South High School with a 2pm matinee on August 11. There will also be a performance at the Kansas Thespian Festival in Wichita at Century II Performing Arts Center. There will be a pickup rehearsal at the Kansas Thespian Festival
  7. CONFLICTS. No conflicts will be excepted for Bring It On. This includes DOCTOR/DENTIST APPOINTEMTS, PRIVATE LESSONS, REHEARSALS/PERFORMANCES FOR OTHER EVENTS, DRIVER’ ED, SUMMER SCHOOL OR COLLEGE CLASSES, JOBS, COLLEGE VISITS, and FAMILY VACATIONS are NOT acceptable conflicts. If your son or daughter has conflicts at a later time, they may be replaced in the cast/crew. If a student misses a rehearsal, they may lose their role in the show.
  8. ATTENDANCE. All students are required to be on time and in attendance at every rehearsal and performance.
  9. DRESS. Proper attire (including shoes) must be worn at all times while at the rehearsal. Delegates are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for rehearsal. Clothing which advertises, promotes or suggests inappropriate behavior is not considered proper attire.
  10. BEHAVIOR. Students are expected to behave as ladies and gentlemen at all times. Rudeness will not be tolerated. Students are expected to use appropriate language at all Thespian events. Students should show respect to fellow peer and adults. Social media posts must be positive and supportive of the cast, crew, the production, and Kansas Thespians. Bullying is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the production.
  11. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUGS/ALCOHOL/TOBACCO. Students who consume alcohol, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or use tobacco products will be returned home at the expense of the parent on the First violation. Law enforcement officials will be contacted if students are found to be in possession of drugs or alcohol. Parents will be contacted and the student will not be allowed to participate in any additional conference events.
  12. TRANSPORTION TO THE KC METRO AREA. Students are not allowed to drive to Olathe from outside of the KC Metro area. A parent, guardian, or troupe director must provide transportation to the KC.
  13. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. There is NO fee to be in the all state musical. The student would be responsible for the fees to attend the 2019 Kansas Thespian Festival, and if the show is selected, the 2019 International Thespian Festival.
  14. HOUSING/MEALS. Students outside the KC metro will stay with host families from July 23rd through August 12th, unless they want to arrange their own housing during the rehearsal and performance process. These students will be provided their own bed, as well as meals (including lunch for rehearsals.) Families that serve at hosts for the students outside the KC metro area will receive a $300 honorarium to assist with meal cost for their exchange student. Families will also be responsible for transportation to and from the rehearsal space at Olathe South High School. Students will be responsible to abide by the rules of the host family.
  15. OTHER VIOLATIONS. Other major violations include, but are not limited to, fighting, excessive inappropriate behavior, flagrant disregard to the Thespian Host Families or All State Rules, or the laws of the city or state of Kansas. Violations of the security rules is likely to result in expulsion of a student from the All State Musical.

Bring It On is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI,
​423 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019. Tel.: (212) 541-4684     Fax.: (212) 397-4684.